“What will I eat? What will I wear? Where will I sleep?

When I started this project, my intention was to bring awareness to the churches and residents of Katy about all the resources available in the city of Katy that exist to help people in need. Katy has a large number of homeless men, women, and children. We see them on the streets, sleeping in their cars, washing in the restrooms. But, the poor and needy are not the only people that these nonprofits are helping. They are also helping the orphan and the widow, the battered and the scared, the sick and the dying, the addicted and mentally ill, the jobless and the hopeless. Hurting people, a lot of the time, go to the churches to get help. The churches are not always equipped to help everyone that is in need. With so many people who are hurting and in need it seemed necessary to dig in and do some research of my own to find out what is available in Katy so people can get help beyond our capacity. In doing this searching, I found an amazing amount of organizations, started by people, who, for one reason or another, began a ministry in Katy for the purpose of helping others. These people were from all different back grounds and stories. Some began a homeless ministry, because, at one time or another, homelessness affected them. Others started a food pantry, for they saw a need and were heart-broken at all the people going hungry. While still others started an orphanage, a hospice, a health clinic, a home for abused women and children, a place for addicts to begin recovery and so on, all because they saw the need and it broke their hearts.

Now, these people, dedicate their entire lives to helping othersThey have given up their time, energy, money, hearts and souls to help others who are hurting, or are in need.

The Bible says “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13

These organizations exist to do the hard work of providing a specific need or service to people who are struggling. They are here to

“Defend the rights of the poor and needy.”Matthew 19:21

Welcome to 

The Hearts of Katy

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